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3 min readSep 27, 2020


It’s not sufficient to know that something is wrong. You also have to appreciate why it is wrong, how things might be changed, and then persuade others of the new possibilities.”
― David Sharpley, 7 Principles for Exceptional Performance: Developing Purpose, Motivation & Leadership Skills

It is all well and fine to stare into a Nature filled with distance and resolve to be more authentic or contribute to something more sustainable.

But, how does one, seeing a meta-life problem, find an actionable personal set of solutions?

Philosophically, I think even this simple statement has many assumptions. For much of my life, I have watched my A-list peer group, successive political and economic leaders and trending social commentary spiral into a morally unfulfilling vortex, without needing to exhibit an existential crisis.

So much of the global “business world and workers” blindly follow the patterns of an artificially constructed maze: one that simply doesn’t allow for much commercial exhibitionism or exuberance.

Inexorable tail-chasing growth cycles, mean 10% profit margins arrive just in time to offset the nett effect of curated 3–5% inflation measures and her shadow 3-5% monetary devaluation.

Meanwhile, the same year-on-year growth target necessitates a standardisation of actions that in turn define social standards, thoughts and actions. And singular financial metrics drive a limited definition of profitable return with no recognition of environmental degradation or planetary boundaries.

It seems we all get on a collective bandwagon to drive the growth that immediately eats us socially and environmentally.

We even grease the wheels with collective backslapping commiseration and competitive greed and call this The Grind that wears us down.

Holistically, I wondered, what if there was a way that we could Beat the Grind? And on an individual spiritual level, I wondered how would I “remove the beam out of my own eye to see clearly, before removing the speck out of your brother’s eye”!

I have noticed that people are either consumed by or motivated by fear, heartache and tragedy. My youth, being characterised by a never-ending series of dysfunctional parental influences, happened to influence my…



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